20 Hilarious Signs You May Be Addicted to Medium

All in Good Fun for Voracious Readers, Lifelong Learners, and Bloggers

3 min readNov 12, 2023


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Have you ever unconsciously tried highlighting text you like in articles you read online? I have! It inspired this list of signs you may be addicted to Medium. The list is meant to be a fun way to celebrate the quirks of being a devoted reader, lifelong learner, and contributor on our favorite blogging platform!

Are you addicted to Medium?

  1. You try highlighting a quote, sentence, or paragraph on stories you like everywhere online.
  2. You repeatedly click the heart or thumbs up on social media sites because the story or comment deserves 50 claps!
  3. It has crossed your mind to get an ellipsis tattoo.
  4. You’ve considered naming your pet ‘Ev’ after Medium’s founder Ev Williams.
  5. Your idea of small talk is asking people about their favorite blog topics and favorite writers on Medium.
  6. Your friends no longer ask how you are doing. They know about your obsession and instead ask, ‘Read any good Medium articles lately?’
  7. You cannot start your day until you open the personalized Medium Daily Digest email and read a few stories.
  8. You’ve thought about starting a Medium support group to connect with others who cannot start their day without their Medium fix.
  9. Your bookmark list is a collection of Medium’s Greatest Hits. Every category is meticulously organized by Medium topics you love.
  10. Even mundane activities are introspective, deep-dive essays in your head, thanks to all the personal development articles you have read on Medium.
  11. You get excited about Medium’s new features and updates from Tony Stubblebine!
  12. You’ve mastered the art of multitasking by listening to Medium articles while doing almost anything: Cooking, cleaning, exercising, even showering — no place is off-limits for catching up on your reading.
  13. Your idea of a ‘wild night’ is staying up late deep-diving into Medium articles. Who needs parties when you have The Riff?
  14. Your dream job is to…




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