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What is the summit of success to a writer? When a reader not only reads what they write but likes, comments, shares, engages with what they write. We get a fresh mountain air high when we find out something we wrote inspired someone or positively affected their lives. I don’t know if my writing will ever change the world, but who knows what happens when you share your gifts. I believe when we pursue our passion, the universe conspires on our behalf. …

A poem of hope in the face of stark reality

This poem was inspired by Pink’s song Can We Pretend. I wanted to dig a little deeper into the issues we face today.

Can We Pretend

Can we pretend
social media highlights
are every day life?

Can we pretend
children aren’t starving,
neglected, or abused?

Can we pretend
Mother Earth will
pardon our plundering?

Can we pretend
animals don’t suffer
for our gluttonous pleasure?

Can we pretend
greed doesn’t
fuel disease?

Can we pretend
God is real
and loneliness isn’t?

Can we pretend
addiction doesn’t
destroy families?

Can we pretend
a kiss makes
the hurt go away?

Can we pretend
Superman saves the…

The answer to creative artists’ prayers or an investing nightmare

I love technology and trends, but I have missed the boat a million times on both since 1995. I remember the first time I heard about Apple, Amazon, and Google. I was among the first to jump ship from MySpace to Facebook. I was in Times Square on New Years’ Eve 1999, where I saw flashing neon billboard signs that read, “Buy Domains Now!”

I started an investment club after reading the Beardstown Ladies. We met once a month and rarely agreed on the investments. I always wanted to invest in tech. However, it was too risky for the majority…

Creativity, music, and muses

I’m not with the band. I’m with The Riff because the riff is music, and music is life! ~ WriterKat

I’ve been in a creative mood lately. Perhaps it’s a result of my two-week vacation giving me a fresh perspective and new appreciation for my life. Where I get to write, help technophobes get published, and create cool merchandise.

My creations haven’t provided a financial windfall yet. I know it will happen eventually because of my friend HAZEL TRABAJO. Who is Hazel?


Why didn’t I just say, “Do the Work?” Because…

Creative writing in the new frontier

It’s an exciting time for writers. We no longer have to wait months or years to publish our words to the world. We also have access to writing tools that helps us improve our writing.

Many things have helped me grow as a writer. The number one thing that has helped is learning from writers who are where I want to be.

One of the first top writers I ran across when I joined Medium was Sinem Günel. …

Three Data Driven Tools I’m Using to Lose Weight and Manage Type 2 Diabetes

I wrote about why I don’t go to the doctor.

Then I wrote about why I’m going to the doctor.

Now, I’m excited to share the results of the three data-driven tools I am using.

I went to the doctor in April — actually, nurse practitioner (NP), because the doctor was too busy to see me for six weeks.

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGM)

My goal with the visit was to get my blood tested to see if my numbers are within normal range and get a prescription for a continuous blood glucose monitor. I can’t believe a prescription is necessary for a CGM. …

Please let me introduce you…

Almost every day, I stumble across musicians I’ve never heard of before. I thought if I haven’t heard of them, perhaps other people in our music community haven’t either. If I was a music producer or a scout for some big-time record label, I would offer these artists a sweet deal to sign on immediately!

Fortunately, most of these musicians are using the Internet to their advantage. I was happy to see they are posting their art on YouTube and other popular social media websites. I love how technology is enabling creatives to pursue their passion.

Without further adieu, please…

The best premium blogging platform for writers

Medium versus Vocal — which one is the best premium blogging website for writers?

I am relatively new to both platforms. Although I’m not new to writing or blogging. My first blog was on AOL when we had to use dial-up to get online. And we had to know HTML if we wanted to do the fancy stuff we take for granted on Medium — like creating headlines, indent quotes, highlight text, or embed videos.

I’ve also blogged on Blogger and WordPress — off and on since they began. One of these days, I may move some of those blog…

Maybe Alice can help

“Why sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I had a dream many years ago that I never forgot.

I was in a room surrounded by doors that led to a different future. Maybe Alice in Wonderland was playing on the TV in the other room as I slept. At least Alice tried to open the doors. I stood frozen with indecision.

What if I make the wrong choice? What will I miss if I choose one door over the other? What to do? …

Kathy Gerstorff

Indie author, poet, creative soul who loves art and life in all its various forms.

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