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What is the summit of success to a writer? When a reader not only reads what they write but likes, comments, shares, engages with what they write. We get a fresh mountain air high when we find out something we wrote inspired someone or…

Foo Fighters Rock God, Father Figure, Global Icon, #1 Storyteller

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Where do I start with this story? It has more twists, turns, and memorable moments than a best-selling novel. That’s where I will start. The bestseller list. I check it regularly. I plan to have a book on it someday, so I like to see what people buy and read…

Relax, Reflect, Revive with Autumn Tunes

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Fall is here! Cooler weather. Harvest season. For me, reflection on the meaning of life.

Kind of deep, but the death of a loved one tends to make you think about the important things. Faith, family, and music top my list. Music is on every list I make that has…

How The High Five Habit Can Help You Love Your Reflection and Live the Life of Your Dreams

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Who do you see when you look at a mirror? If there is a shred of negativity, this post is for you!

My writing desk faces the wall in the corner of my bedroom. I put a full-length mirror behind my computer, so I can see whoever enters my room…

And Women Empowerment

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I took my nine-year-old granddaughter to get a haircut a few weeks ago. She wanted a short hairstyle with bangs. She often wears a choker necklace. When the hairstylist was finished. It turned out to be a layered shag with fringed bangs. …

The perks of being a writer on Medium just keep getting better. Thank you. Looking forward to learning and writing with my fellow indie authors!

Pity Party with Puddles, ICP, and Your Favorite Clown Songs

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This story was inspired by S.W. Lauden’s post about clown-themed rock songs.

Clowns have always fascinated me. I thought they were real until one day when I was about six years old. I was at a small festival with my family. …

#1 — Never stop learning!

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What are the tools to help us communicate and reach our tribe online? I’m sure the list is exhaustive, but I’m happy to share 12 that have helped me in my writing career in the blogosphere.

I have been blogging since the 90s. Back when I had to ask my…

Filling the space between summer and fall with music, poetry, love

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Summer is fading. Fall is on the horizon. I escape the daily drama with the serenity of September songs.

What is the first song that comes to mind when you hear September? For me, it is September by Earth, Wind & Fire. …

Learn how to create an instant bestseller from Gary Vee

Twelve and a Half by Gary Vaynerchuk

Quick, go check your favorite book-buying platform and see what book is number one. If you read this before 5 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, August 28, 2021, you still have time to get in on Gary Vaynerchuk’s book launch promotion!

I have followed Gary Vaynerchuck, aka Gary Vee

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