Best Nonfiction Book — August 2023

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15 min readSep 17

Best Nonfiction Book of August 2023 — Curated by WriterKat

As usual, there were many interesting nonfiction books released during the month. For once, since I’ve been doing the best nonfiction book award, it was easy to choose the best book of the month!

Thirty-one books were in the running…

$100M Leads by Alex Hormozi

$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff by Alex Hormozi (8/20)
Generate leads and sales through online marketing. The book is divided into three parts: the basics of online marketing, how to generate leads, and how to convert leads into sales. Alex provides a step-by-step guide to each topic and includes case studies and examples from his experience. The book is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to generate more leads and sales online.

Adversity for Sale by Jeezy

Adversity for Sale: Ya Gotta Believe by Jeezy (8/8)
Jay Jenkins, a.k.a. Jeezy, shares his life story about how he overcame adversity. He also talks about the power of believing in oneself. Check out this book if you are looking for a positive and uplifting read.

Author Central by Lisa Shea

Author Central – Free Marketing for Writers - Publicizing your Book in the Amazon System by Lisa Shea (8/9)
If you sell your books on Amazon, you need an Author Central Page! Lisa’s book shows you how to set up your page and promote your book on social media.


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