Best Nonfiction Books — January 2023

From One Book Lover and Lifelong Learner to Another

5 min readFeb 1

Are you a lifelong learner and nonfiction book fan? If so, you may enjoy my new book blog posts, where I list my favorite nonfiction books each month and choose a number one pick.

Please let me know your thoughts if you read these books, and tag me if you write book reviews. I love to discover new books!

Favorite Nonfiction Books Released in January 2023 and in the Running for Best Book of the Month:

Which book sounds most interesting to you? I like them all. It’s tough to choose one book from this list.

As a writer and lover of the creative arts, one may assume books on the subject top my list, and they do!

  1. Write for Life: Creative Tools for Every Writer by Julia Cameron
  2. The Creative Act: Way of Being by Rick…


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