Blogging Vs. Writing a Book

Is it better to blog or write a book?

3 min readJan 2, 2023


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I wanted to hop on the New Year success planning train and write about my word of the year (WOTY) like Ninja Writers founder Shaunta Grimes.

Then I remembered my goal to write more books this year!

Craig Martelle became a millionaire author and entrepreneur based on his theory of writing twenty books and helping others with his strategy. I have published and contributed to 20+ anthologies. But, I have only published three books where I am the only author. So, I need to write at least seventeen more books this year. Eureka! One of them could be on the WOTY.

I searched WOTY on Amazon and found a couple books on the subject. I noticed reviewer comments stating that the WOTY books should have been a blog post instead of a book.

Those comments made me curious about when you should write a blog post instead of writing a book. I googled it and found a story written by a Medium blogger, Grant Sawyer. I love it when Medium stories show up in top search results!

Grant makes some good points, especially how much time it takes to write a book versus a blog. I think that’s the main determining factor. I read somewhere, can’t remember where now, that the ideal blog post length is five to seven minutes. That sounds about right. In our attention-deficit society, five minutes is pushing it. How many of us skim an article? I do it all the time. I’m looking for the main message, then moving on. But, I slow my roll on Medium because I know read time is how writers get paid!

With a book, I’m interested in the topic and want to dive deeper. A blog post often makes me interested in reading a book, especially if it is referenced and linked. I like to support…




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