Choose Love — The First Netflix Interactive Rom-Com with a Real-Life Love Story

What Would You Choose — Passion, Adventure, or Security?

3 min readSep 4

Choose Love — Interactive Romantic Comedy on Netflix

“The heart wants what it wants.” ~Choose Love

I watched Choose Love on Netflix all the way through before I realized it was an interactive movie. I thought it was strange when the movie ended happily ever after and then started all over again. In all fairness, I was working on a poetry project at the same time, so the movie didn’t have my full attention until I realized it was interactive. This was my first time watching an interactive movie. I loved it.

For once, I got to choose how I would like to see the story end. The whole time I was watching the movie, I thought Cami Conway, played by Laura Marano, should follow her passion — music!

Left on default, Cami chose the comfort zone and security with her attorney boyfriend, Paul. If that relationship was meant to be, she would have never been attracted to anyone else. When I selected the musician, she said as much.

I didn’t think Cami’s choice was between the men as much as it was a choice between following her passion and adventure or staying in her comfort zone. How many of us choose our comfort zone?

Of course, I went down the rabbit hole researching this unique romantic comedy. My first question was about the song, All I Want Is You, sung by Cami and Rex — played by the charismatic Avan Jogia. It’s a beautiful song. Did they really sing this song?

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did they really sing the song, but Avan Jogia is in a band with his brother called Saint Ivory, and Laura Marano has an album coming out!


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