Could You Fall in Love with Just Pretty Words? LOVE AGAIN — Romantic Comedy Movie Review

Starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan — Featuring Celine Dion Classic Hits, New Music & Acting Debut

3 min readMay 6

When I asked for a ticket to see Love Again, the young clerk said, “Oh, the romantic comedy with Nick Jonas and his wife.”

Who? I’m coming to see Outlander’s, Jamie Fraser!

If you are a Sam Heughan fan and don’t read another word of this review, note this: Go see this movie and stay for the ending credits. It’s worth the price of admission! I’m thinking about going and watching it again. ;)

Film critics are having a field day bashing the plot, based on the book by Sophie Cramer, and the lack of chemistry between the leading characters. One critic on Rotten Tomatoes says it’s for hardcore rom-com fans only.

Hardcore rom-com fan? Hello. Yessss. That’s me! I love romantic comedies and go to see every movie I discover. Every. Single. One. Watching romantic movies on the big screen is my guilty pleasure. I agree with Priyanka when she said, “We need more of these types of movies!”

I’m also a big music fan, so adding Celine Dion to the mix made it even sweeter. I loved her acting debut. What struck me about Celine’s scenes when talking about her love life was she wasn’t acting. I could feel her joy and pain when she spoke about her romance with her soulmate, René Angélil. To lose the love of your life would be devastating. Could you find love again? Would you even want to?

As a writer and hopeless romantic, I can see how someone could fall in love with someone they have never met through their heartbreaking and beautiful poetic…


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