Crossing the Bridge

National Poetry Month Day 7 Poem from Poets of Madison County

2 min readApr 7, 2022

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Happy National Poetry Month Day 7. I’m so excited a whole month is dedicated to poetry! I hope you are enjoying reading and listening to my poems and writing/sharing your own poetic thoughts.

The poem I’m sharing today is from the anthology titled Poets of Madison County.

Proceeds from this book are donated to Dove Harbor, a long-term transitional shelter for women and women with children who are facing crisis. It is also a faith-based organization with a mission to provide hope and healing in the community.

Crossing the Bridge
Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff

Who would have ever guessed
all those years ago when I read
The Bridges of Madison County,
that I would become intertwined
with that world in the most peculiar way.

We all have choices to make
that determine our destiny.

I could have walked away
from my responsibilities,
pursued my dream
of moving to Nashville,
to become a country music queen.

But, I stayed and let the words in my head
become the songs in my heart.

And now, life has come full circle.
I am once again making a choice,
crossing the bridge this time
to become a poet of Madison County.

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