Do You Want to Be a Millionaire

Giovanni Marsico is Redefining Rich

2 min readNov 21, 2023


Photo Credit: Archangel

“I want to redefine the word ‘Millionaire’ to mean impacting a million people.” ~ Giovanni Marsico

What do you think of when you hear the word millionaire? Do you think of fancy mansions, luxury cars, yachts, designer fashions, and exotic travel destinations? Or do you think of all the lives that would be positively impacted to make that much money?

I love Giovanni Marsico's definition of ‘Millionaire’…

“A changemaker that wants to impact millions of people.”

Gio, as his friends call him, got on my radar by promoting his documentary HERO, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

I love personal and professional development documentaries that inspire positive change and feature real-life superheroes!

Gio’s first documentary, DREAMER, won multiple awards.

You can watch the entire Dreamer documentary on YouTube. If you have ever been the underdog and aspire to make your dreams come true. I highly recommend watching Dreamer!

Gio’s next documentary, MILLIONAIRE: Impact A Million People, is even more ambitious than the last two, and he wants to include as many dreamers and real-life superheroes as possible, including you and me.

We can participate in the project and enjoy perks typically reserved for high-end investing executive producers, including movie credits, a red carpet premiere, private dinners, merch, and more.

I love this crowdfunding approach to making movies that make a difference. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with…




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