Happy Friday the 13th or Not

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Are you staying home with your head under the covers today, buying a lottery ticket, or is it just another day?

To me it’s just another day, but if anything bad happens, I have a ready excuse!

Back in the old days, Friday and the 13th were considered bad luck separately, but now they are more often combined, unless it’s a skyscraper missing the 13th floor.

Think of all the excuses we would have if every Friday was considered unlucky or the 13th of the every month was bad luck day.

Just about everyone I know that works a traditional Monday-Friday job considers Friday lucky, especially if they don’t have to work the weekend and it’s payday. Now that I work from home, every day is Friday. I never again have to say TGIF!

I worked in HR several years and can attest to considerably more absences on Friday the 13th. I’m pretty sure paraskevidekatriaphobia is a valid excuse, as long as it is spelled out as pronouncing the word is said to cure Friday the 13th phobia!

The “unlucky” beliefs surrounding Friday and the number 13 go back to biblical times and mythology, so many generations have passed down these superstitions.

I don’t recall any fuss about Friday the 13th as I grew up, other than blaming anything bad that happened on the day. But, I do remember my parents turning the car around and going the opposite direction if a black cat crossed our path!

I had a cool aunt, who was into supernatural stuff, convince me the opposite was true. She said it is rare for a black cat to cross your path and is indeed good luck. I chose to believe her good luck superstition because I love cats!

Now that I’m older and think more rationally, I see it is neither good or bad luck, it is only what I believe. I believe it could be unlucky for the cat if it’s dark and I don’t see the cat cross in front of me.

I once watched a horror film (I rarely watch scary movies) called, The Skeleton Key. A lot of the events in the movie were based on superstitions. There is a line in the movie that stayed with me, “It only works if you believe.”

I don’t believe in Friday the 13th being unlucky or lucky, but putting my purse on the floor, now that’s a different story!

Not long after watching The Skeleton Key, a co-worker and I discussed superstitions. He said when he was a child, he would get a whipping if he put his mother’s purse on the floor. I was shocked. “Why?” I asked. He said that his family believed if you put your purse on the floor you risk losing your money and struggle to make more.

I thought that was the craziest thing I had ever heard, but then I noticed I started putting my purse up off the floor. I just didn’t want it to get dirty! Sometimes, I had no choice but to put my purse on the floor, like when I was driving, so I put a protective crystal in my purse, just in case.

Happy Friday the 13th. Cheers to having the day you choose!

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