Land of Po

Land of Poem — Image by Canva. Words by the author.

The Wizard of Oz has been one of my favorite movies since I was a child. I watch the show every year, especially during the holidays when life feels more magical.

At first, Oz was just a colorful place that captured my imagination. I’m sure it played a role in my love of storytelling.

I picked up on the deeper meanings of the movie as I grew up. I think it took me until well into adulthood to understand that The Wizard was just a man trapped by his imagination. There is no need to pretend to be something that you are not. Being yourself is so much more meaningful.

Prosemanpost reminded me of The Wizard unmasked and standing in his power for positive change. I met Po virtually on a poetry site. I got to know him more on Insta and via emails as we worked on a nature poetry anthology.

I have never met someone so creative while at the same time rooted in reality— an artist, activist, poet, medium, and master storyteller. We made several plans to do some ASMR videos, poetry readings, and other creative things, but life kept getting in the way.

We both wanted to learn more before cliff diving into the ocean of social media sharing of our creative endeavors. Learning more is a form of procrastination that most artists have to work through.

I knew Po had been battling illness from his posts on Insta, but I thought he had beat the Reaper, as he called it. I thought he hadn’t posted in a while because he was still recovering. Then I saw a post announcing his passing from the Admin in his Eternal Life mediumship and spiritual philosophy group.

At first, I was sad about the world losing this kind and creative man. So many dreams were unfulfilled. Although I had never met Po in person, I thought of him as a friend. It’s fascinating how we can connect with like-minded souls over the internet.

Then I realized that the connection wasn’t gone. It just changed platforms. We went from the poetry website to Instagram, Facebook, and emails to the heavenly planes.

I can still feel his creative energy at work. It inspired me to write the Land of Po poem and invite other creative writers, storytellers, and poets to join hands by adding to the poem.

“Let’s all join hands and try to contact the living.” ~ Paul Sayer, aka Po

I challenge you to read Po’s poems and write what you think it would be like in the Land of Po. If you post a poem on your Medium blog, please tag me. I would love to read it. You can also post on Instagram and use the tag #landofpo.

Land of Po

How do you capture the magic of birds in flight,
when you pass by at the speed of life?

Snapshot the scene in your mind.

Play it back when you need to unwind
from stormy skies, dimmed light, incessant noise, polluted eyes.

Take that feathery freedom wherever you go.

Hills, valleys, meadows, over the rainbow,
to the land of Po.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

“The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” ~ Somewhere Over the Rainbow




Indie author, poet, creative soul who loves art and life in all its various forms.

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Indie author, poet, creative soul who loves art and life in all its various forms.

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