My Favorite Gurus of 2022

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4 min readDec 31, 2022


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They probably wouldn’t call themselves gurus. They are educated, successful, professional experts in their respective fields. These are my favorites this year.

Health, Nutrition, Wellness

  • Andrew Huberman — I love neuroscience! The Huberman Lab is one of the best podcasts to get science-based information about brain and body health.
  • Rhonda Patrick — Thanks to Dr. Patrick, I learned that saunas help lower blood glucose. Who knew? As someone trying to reverse Type 2 diabetes, I can confirm it works! She gives lots of tidbits of helpful information about health in her podcast, Found My Fitness.
  • Simon Hill — I could listen to Simon read the phone book. I love his voice! Some people with a calming, soothing sound narrate audiobooks for a living or make ASMR videos. Simon uses his voice for longevity and optimal health information on his podcast, The Proof!

Personal Development — Personal Growth

Starting and Growing an Online Business

  • Pat Flynn —I enjoy Pat’s no-nonsense approach to starting and growing an online business. I studied podcasting from him a few years ago and plan to put what I learned to use in 2023!
  • Alex Hormozi — Alex is new to my guru list. I just discovered him a few months ago. He is one of my favorites because of his willingness to share what he has learned on his way to the top of online business…




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