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Which Poem is Better? Happy National Poetry Month!

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I had never heard the phrase “Path of Totality” before the news about the April 8, 2024, Total Eclipse started to fill my social media feed. What fascinates me most about the eclipse, other than the hype and conspiracy theories, is that it’s only in a narrow area compared to the whole planet.

The title and thoughts inspired me to create a poem about it. I am fascinated by technology and am blown away at how fast AI can create a poem. ChatGPT 3.5 created these poems in a few seconds. It takes me anywhere from hours to days to create a poem!

I asked AI to create the first poem a few weeks ago. My prompt was simply, “Create a poem about the path of totality.” I used the same prompt today (the day of the eclipse) for the second poem. The poems are completely different, using the same prompt. Impressive!

For the third poem, I created a prompt for a Path of Totality poem from the perspective of a child abuse survivor to honor Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month and my Lighthouse 117 story. The poem reminds me of my SCARS anthology. “Though scars remain, I’m here today.”

The fourth poem was between me and my muse. It has been percolating in my mind for weeks, taking in all the news, my personal experiences, perceptions, and worldviews.

Which poem do you like best? Have you written a poem or story about the eclipse? If so, please share!

Path of Totality 1

Generated by ChatGPT 3.5

In the sky, a dance unfolds,
As moon and sun their stories hold.
A cosmic waltz, a celestial rhyme,
The path of totality, a moment sublime.

Across the land, a shadow sweeps,
As darkness into daylight creeps.
In its embrace, all is cast,
A spell of wonder unsurpassed.

From coast to coast, it draws its line,
A journey rare, a sight divine.
Through fields and forests, mountains tall,
The path of totality enchants them all.

In whispered hush, the world stands still,
As the moon’s shadow climbs its hill.
Eclipsing brilliance, veiling light,
A symphony of day turned night.

Beneath the shadow’s fleeting span,
We marvel at the cosmic plan.
In unity, we stand and gaze,
Transfixed by nature’s mystic blaze.

And as the moon moves on its way,
The sun emerges, bright as day.
Yet in our hearts, the memory gleams,
Of the path of totality’s timeless dreams.

So let us cherish this cosmic flight,
A fleeting glimpse of heaven’s light.
For in the path of totality’s sway,
We find our wonder, come what may.

Path of Totality 2

Generated by ChatGPT 3.5

In realms where the sun’s reign meets the moon’s embrace,
There lies a path of shadow, a celestial trace.
Across the arc of cosmic ballet’s flight,
A journey unfolds in the realm of night.

The Path of Totality, a whispered lore,
Where day meets dusk, and shadows soar.
In the heart of darkness, a fleeting stay,
As light surrenders to the lunar sway.

From distant shores to mountains tall,
Witnesses gather, heed the cosmic call.
Eclipsed by wonder, in silent awe they stand,
As the universe unveils its grandeur, planned.

In the dance of spheres, a harmony profound,
Where the sun and moon in convergence are bound.
Through the veils of time, they weave their tale,
As celestial travelers on a cosmic trail.

The sky becomes a canvas, painted with grace,
In hues of twilight, a celestial embrace.
The stars alight, as darkness takes flight,
Upon the Path of Totality’s fleeting light.

In moments fleeting, but etched in memory’s tome,
We traverse the heavens, finding our home.
For in the shadow’s embrace, we find unity,
Bound by the cosmos in perfect serenity.

So let us follow where the shadows fall,
Along the Path of Totality, answering the call.
For in the merging of sun and moon’s light,
We find our place in the eternal night.

Path of Totality 3

Generated by ChatGPT 3.5

In shadows deep, my journey starts
A path of totality forged from scars.
Beneath the sun’s dim, veiled embrace,
I walk the road of time and space.

From tender years, in darkness bound,
Where innocence and joy were drowned.
Abuse’s grip, a cruel eclipse,
A shroud that cloaked my youthful lips.

But in the shadow’s darkest hour,
A flicker of strength, a hidden power.
Through trials vast, I found my way,
Though scars remain, I’m here today.

The path of totality, a sacred ground,
Where light and darkness dance around.
Through pain and sorrow, I emerge,
A survivor’s tale, a soul’s resurgence.

Each step I take, a beacon bright,
I reclaim my voice, I claim my light.
No longer held by past’s cruel chains,
I rise above, my spirit unchained.

In the path of totality, I find my grace,
A journey of healing, a sacred space.
Though scars may linger, I stand tall,
A testament to resilience, to break the fall.

So let the shadows fade away,
As I embrace the light of day.
For in the path of totality, I see,
The strength within, the power to be free.

Path of Totality 4

by Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff

I see the shroud of darkness.
It could go anywhere in the world,
But it is coming right for me.

Do I follow the crowd,
get high on anticipation,
embrace the shadow.

Or do I stay focused
let this celestial event
move past me, through me?

The temptation is strong to go out of my way
to seek the darkness,
drink in its power to block the sun.

My instincts warn me against
chasing the nocturnal life.

Instead, my native ancestors guide me.
At the precise hour darkness descends,
connect to Mother Earth with your body.

Become one with the Universe,
feel God’s healing energy.

Cleanse yourself of the negativity
that threatens to consume you.

Then you will feel the light,
be the light.

A better life awaits you
beyond the path of totality
on the road to greatness.

As always, my poem feels unfinished, imperfect, flawed, and unapologetically human.

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