Quality Vs. Quantity

Writing Wednesday Inspiration From Netflix Founder

3 min readDec 7, 2023


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I was going to skip my Writing Wednesday Challenge (writing about writing inspired by Steven Pressfield) until I read Marc Randolph’s “Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good” (article linked below) on Substack — Medium and Substack go together like peanut butter and jelly!

As a long-time writer, I have struggled with the quality versus quantity debate. Quantity involves consistency, and consistency has been my biggest challenge in writing and everything else important in my life — like eating healthy, drinking water, taking vitamins, checking in with family, and exercising. It’s all been hit and miss, and I’ve paid the price — from distant relationships to obesity to health issues to pauper’s pay. Who knew consistency could be tied to improving so many things?!

Marc addressed the subject of quality and consistency. He cleared up the confusion I’ve had about it. While I do write most days and have dozens of drafts waiting until I can edit them to perfection, I often don’t feel like the quality is good enough to share. Sometimes, it feels incomplete or too boring. If I’m bored reading my writing, how can I expect it to entertain or educate anyone else? Marc has a different opinion. And as the founder of one of the most popular entertainment networks in the world — Netflix, I’m paying attention!

Marc says something is better than nothing. He also said he never knows what will resonate with readers.

“I was completely incompetent at predicting what would resonate. The things I polished for days got crickets. The piece I banged off in 30 seconds got millions of views.”

I can feel his pain! I wish I knew what to write that would resonate with readers of my blog and newsletter. It’s always a shot in the dark.

Here’s what Marc said about consistency that got my attention.

It quickly taught me that consistency was way more important than quality. Better to post something every day — even if you threw it together at the last minute — than to only post “your best work” every few weeks.

Consistency is way more important than quality! I’m repeating this for us writers who think our writing never measures up. It’s…




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