Song and Dance

A Poem about the Power of Music

2 min readAug 26

Photo by Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash

The Poetry Society of Indiana and Stage 1 Dance Academy are working together to create a recital program where dancers interpret poems. I love interweaving the arts! I wrote a poem titled Song and Dance with this program in mind.

As I wrote Song and Dance, I thought of a particular song that I recently heard at my mother’s church. I had never heard the song before. It’s upbeat and got the normally conservative congregation up on their feet, swaying, clapping, raising their arms up in praise, and singing to the song. I was in awe, as always, by the power of music to move through our bodies and uplift our spirits.

What song uplifts you and makes you want to dance?

Song and Dance

In a windowless room, she sat alone.
A sad little girl, heart heavy as stone.
Her eyes, once bright, now dimmed by despair.
A beautiful soul bullied by the world’s cruel glare.

But then came a tune on the air.
Upbeat, a song so rare.
Her head raised to the vibrant sound,
toes tapped up and down.

She stood and swayed to the lively song.
Hands uplifted, her spirit soared as she sang along.
Invisible arms gave her a gentle embrace,
guided her steps to an open space.

Her heart bloomed like a flower at dawn.
Sadness dissolved, worries gone.
Music flowed from head to feet.
She closed her eyes and felt the rhythmic beat.

She danced and sang into the night.
With every leap, her sorrows took flight.
Song and dance set her spirit free.
She became one with the music, spinning happily.

The world transformed as she danced with grace.
She felt no sadness within music’s embrace.
Her tears turned to laughter, her sorrow to a song,
as the melody of life carried her along.


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