The Super Bowl for Entrepreneurs

A Must-Attend Event for Writers Wanting to Master Book Launch Marketing

4 min readJul 17

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This post is for aspiring authors, content creators, and online entrepreneurs. If that’s you, read on for an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about deep diving into the blue waters of Mozination.

Mozination is what Alex Hormozi calls his followers. I was curious what would happen if I followed the advice of one multimillionaire rather than spending hours watching random personal and professional development videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media designed to keep you on their platform, thereby hijacking the time and creative energy needed to pursue your dreams.

As fate would have it, Alex Hormozi is in the process of launching his latest book, which he has worked on for two years. Part of his book launch marketing strategy is to create massive value. He is not charging for his book! He is not charging for his webinar. He is giving away everything from his book to a one-on-one coaching session!

“Please send your friends/following to the free virtual book event.

It will be worth it for them.

We will be exporting the list of all live attendees so that we can give them the stuff I’ve been saving up for the last few years.

I say this knowing I will be attacked by everyone who does not make it. They won’t think it’s fair. I will make what I give away insane because I want to be a man of my word. If I say, ‘It’s worth it,’ I want that to mean something. So that next time I say, ‘You should come; it’ll be worth it,’ you will believe me. And the cost of that is the people who will be upset with me this time because they’ll have missed it — and the goodies I’ll give away.” ~ Alex Hormozi

If you want to master book marketing, I invite you to join me to learn from a multimillionaire with a…


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