Three More Facts About Threads

That May Make You Rethink Joining — Unless You’re Into Creative Content Marketing

3 min readJul 10

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

Tim Denning’s email about Meta’s new hit app, Threads, inspired this blog post. Thanks for providing my writing prompt today, Tim!

I have a love-hate affair with social media. I love technology and am usually among the early adopters to jump in on a new trend. I hate that chasing shiny tech objects wreaks havoc on my productivity.

Instagram was my favorite social media platform. As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. After Facebook, now known as Meta, took over, IG lost that community feel. Maybe that’s what they are trying to get back with Threads.

Tim notes in his email that Threads is not Instagram. BEWARE! It may not be Instagram, but it is tied to it.

Fact #1 — When you download the Threads app and link it to your Instagram account, you cannot delete Threads without deleting Instagram!

Do you like push notifications on your phone? Constantly! Talk about a buzzkill.

Fact #2 — Threads notifications can only be turned off for up to 8 hours!

That’s right. Every eight hours, you have to turn the notifications back off. Notifications popping up on my phone every few seconds are distracting and annoying!

Fact #3 — No hashtags.

Threads has been hyped as the new Twitter. Hardly. At least not yet. They don’t have hashtags. So, at this point, it’s an infinite scroll of random posts. No community. I’m sure they will get something going soon, but it’s a free-for-all right now. I don’t have time or patience for the infinite scroll. I hop on social media to connect with my tribe — authors, poets, artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs.


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