Ticket to Paradise Please

Julia Roberts and George Clooney Light Up the RomCom Screen

3 min readOct 22, 2022

Photo Credit: Ticket to Paradise

Romantic comedies are my favorite genre, so I was super excited when I learned Ticket To Paradise was coming to the big screen. Ticket to Paradise stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Julia Roberts could carry a movie on her infectious laugh alone. The New York Times referred to them as the Tracey-Hepburn of our times. After seeing this movie, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t apply to dancing!

The movie reminded me of a scene in Letters to Juliet when the publisher says to buy stock in Hotel Italia because everyone is going to start flocking to Verona. I would not be surprised to see tourism pick up in Bali. The scenery was stunning. It made me want to hop on the next flight. NOTE to self: Renew your passport online ASAP.

As a fan of the Netflix series Emily In Paris, I was mentally chastising Gabriel for cheating on Emily, or well, I guess Camille. How exciting it would have been to put Emily in Tickets to Paradise as Lily’s best friend. I’m surprised movies don’t team up like this. It would have added some spark!

George and Julia seem like best friends in the movie rather than a romantic couple. That actually touches on real life. Sometimes the romance fades into the background, but something stronger takes its place. Unconditional love. Comparing your love life, or lack thereof is the risk of watching romance movies. Even though the movie is fiction, the arguments, the disillusion, and the hope for something more are real.

I went to see this movie with my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter and I both said we couldn’t blame the girl for staying. We would stay too. There is something about traveling to a tropical island that makes you forget real-world issues. Even watching superstars having fun on a tropical island is a nice escape.

I’m sure I will watch this movie again, especially since I didn’t catch the outtakes at the end. I love when there is extra footage during or after the credits.


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