What I Learned from My Top Earning Blog Posts on Medium

Vulnerability, Posting in Publications, and Distribution Provide Best Results

3 min readMay 15, 2023


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Statistics is not my strong suit, but after reading Tim Denning’s post about the importance of checking your stats, I looked at my top-earning blog posts to see if I could decipher the magic formula to make my dream of becoming a profitable writer come true!

I gathered the data by looking at over two hundred published stories on Medium. Three informative things stood out to me:

  1. Most of my views are external — from Google!
  2. The most viewed blog posts were submitted to publications and chosen for further distribution.
  3. My health story about living with Lipedema remains the most viewed and received the most money. This story has earned money every month since I posted it.

The data came from Medium Stats and included: Earnings, Internal and External Views, Source, Average Read Time, and Reader Interests. I discovered that the posts must surpass a certain number of reads before reader interests are tracked. I’m not sure what that number is, but apparently, it is more than 100.

Below are the stats of my top three earning stories so far. Two of the three were posted in a Publication and chosen for further distribution:

Living with Lipedema

  • Category: Health
  • Earnings: $18.18
  • Source: Google (2.7K), Email (134), DuckDuckGo (2), Instagram (1), Yahoo (1), Android (1)
  • Avg Read Time 2:22
  • Reader Interests: Health, Mindfulness, Psychology, Mental Health, Lifestyle, Travel
  • Publication: Fitness and Health
  • Chosen for Further Distribution

How to Create Your Own Sub-Domain on Medium

  • Category: Medium
  • Earnings: $3.49




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