What’s Going On

You can focus on chaos or change, your choice.

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Someone from the other side of the world messaged me yesterday in disbelief of what was happening on my side in the USA.

I had to admit I didn’t know much about the situation because I don’t watch the news and hadn’t been on social media all day because I was doing year end taxes, which requires complete focus for my brain to not be distracted or want to procrastinate.

Earlier in the day my daughter got a message asking for prayers for America, NOW. I heard my son-in-law say something about protestors in DC. I was in the zone and not tuned in to their conversation.

Staying focused on the task at hand is how I get things done. Once in the zone, I’m like an Olympic athlete. My mind is locked in on getting to the finish line no matter what is going on around me.

It takes a lot of energy for me to focus intently, especially on numbers. I had a headache and was wiped out at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there is still more tax preparation to do. But, there’s always tomorrow.

When I got home and read the message, I decided to see what was going on by scrolling Twitter. Of all the social media platforms, Twitter seems to be first to know what’s happening.

I was surprised to see a lot of banned posts, including on President Trump’s feed.

I moved on to my next platform of choice, YouTube Trending. There it was, videos of protestors storming the senate.

Wow! What is going on?!

Do you ever get that surreal feeling you are witnessing life in a different world? That’s how it feels to me when I see acts of hatred and violence. Denial. That is not my world.

The mother in me wants to fix it. Wants to send misbehaving children to timeout. Wants to shelter innocents from harm.

What can realistically I do to change it? Three things comes to mind:

  1. Don’t give negative forces energy.
  2. Continue to pray.
  3. Focus on peace, strength, and positive change.

These turbulent times are a test of our character. We can focus on chaos or change, negative or positive actions, entitlement or gratitude. It’s a choice we make moment to moment. Individually, together.






FOCUS is my one word for 2021. I choose to focus on positive change in the best way I know how, starting with myself. Forgiving quickly. Loving unconditionally. Sharing my stories, poems, and voice for healing.

I truly believe good will prevail.

Only love can conquer hate. ~ Marvin Gaye

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Indie author, poet, entrepreneur WriterKat.com

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