Why I Can’t Vote

Photo from the book Left Out by Tara Reade
Photo from the book Left Out by Tara Reade

“I do know if you are choosing to stand and tell your own story to the world, be ready for the denials and name-calling to be thrown your way. They feel like glass shards ripping into your psyche and tearing at the very seams of your heart. Be ready to stand in that firestorm and speak into the void.” ~ Tara Reade, Left Out When The Truth Doesn’t Fit In

I want to vote, I do, but as a child sexual abuse survivor, I cannot vote for anyone that has sexual assault allegations against them as both Trump and Biden do.

I believe the victims. As someone whose accusations were ignored, then locked up and given a lie detector test when I told the authorities, I always believe!

How is sexual assault a non-issue?! I can’t get past that fact to even consider the other issues.

There needs to be a third candidate, one who respects women. God help us all. I don’t get this lesser of the two evils philosophy.

I’m sorry to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and to all others that paved the way for women’s right to vote, I will be sitting this one out.

It is a bigger disservice and against my conscience to vote someone with violent impulses towards women into a leadership position.

Hopefully, four years will fly by and we will have more worthy candidates next time!

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