Why It’s Time For A Doctor Visit

Technology and the art of listening to your body

How ironic that I recently wrote about why I don’t go to the doctor, and now I’m writing about why it’s necessary to go to the doctor.

I doubt anyone likes going to the doctor, but I have almost a phobia about it. I will take supplements every day, but I absolutely hate taking prescription medication for many reasons. The main reason is that I don’t want to be dependent on any drugs. I also believe in holistic healing and functional medicine. Getting to the root cause of the issue, not medicating symptoms.

I want to go to the doctor now to get bloodwork done and get prescribed a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM). I wish we could do those things without going to a doctor!

I have dealt with edema for over a decade and obesity most of my life. I went to a functional medicine doctor about five years ago. He wanted me to get on a CPAP and told me I need to stop eating sugar and processed foods.

Instead of stopping eating food I love like spaghetti, mac & cheese, pizza, chips, pies, cookies, chocolate, and sweet tea, I stopped going to the doctor!

You can guess what that did to my body. That’s right, it made my condition worse. Now, if I eat processed foods, I get cramps and diarrhea or feel nauseous and weak. Sometimes, I get all those symptoms at once.

I guess it’s a mixed blessing. I’m definitely staying away from junk food now, but I’m still dealing with the symptoms, and it sucks!

I don’t want to just survive. I want a quality life. I want the energy to spend time with my family instead of feeling like I have to sit down or take a nap. I want to go on hikes, swim, ride bikes, travel, and enjoy life.

So, I’m starting with the numbers. I know the best way to manage something is to measure it.

I love the available technology to help us, like the CGMs, wellness watches, and sleep rings. I have been hearing about them on health and biohacking podcasts like Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes, Tom Bilyeu, and Rich Roll.

Athletes and health-conscious people are wearing CGMs to connect how they feel when they eat certain foods. It is providing an objective, measurable way of improving their health and performance.

I want that. I deserve health and happiness just as much as the next person, and so do you! What we focus on expands. I want to focus on good health, healing, and abundant energy.

What I’ve learned the hard way is ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away. Dr. Caroline Leaf reminded me of that today on her podcast 272. She discusses the physical and psychological issues that come from ignoring our problems.

I feel like I’m getting a Ph.D. education with all these doctors sharing their wealth of knowledge on podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. I remember in the 80’s when I read about the coming information age and technology that would soon fit in the palm of our hand. I couldn’t wait to live in the 2000s!

Here we are two decades into the new millennium, with an overwhelming amount of information and space-age technology. The question is, what are we doing with it? Are we passively consuming it or using it to improve our health, community, and world?

We have to start somewhere on our wellness journey. I already started cutting out the processed foods. I try to eat only foods grown from the earth or one ingredient foods, like peanut butter, where the only ingredient is peanuts.

Next, I’m going to see a doctor, get the bloodwork done and hopefully get a CGM prescription. Wish me luck!

Indie author, poet, creative soul who loves art and life in all its various forms. writerkat.com

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