Word of the Year — How One Word Provides Clarity and Focus

What is your WOTY?

3 min readJan 5

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I have been tracking my one Word Of The Year (WOTY) since 2012. Sometimes the word comes to me close to the new year, as was the case for my 2023 word, and sometimes it comes years in advance. For example, I chose my one word for 2025 in 2018.

Why create a word of the year? Awareness, clarity, focus, and fun!


Do you notice other vehicles that look just like yours when you drive? You can’t help but notice. It’s the same way with your one word. You will see it everywhere!


Having one word helps bring clarity and focus on what is important to you. This year I made an acronym out of my word. It is the first time I’ve done that with my word of the year. I like the idea of squeezing every ounce of meaning from my one word.


It’s fun to get creative and see what word your mind finds. It’s also fun to experience the unexpected adventures your word takes you on.

My word for 2023 is FLOW.



I believe in God, a.k.a. Heavenly Father, The Universe, etc. It feels like infinite energy — a protective source of light and love. Faith is where I draw my strength — it is my physical center and my soul’s home. Making God a priority always rewards me in the most delightfully unexpected ways.


Love for myself, family, friends, strangers, life — it’s all about love. Like England Dan and John Ford Coley sing, “Love is the answer.” I want to bask in love forever. I hope infinite love is what’s waiting for us in the end. I think it is, especially when we draw love near and share love while we are here. Goal: 10X love!


I am naturally optimistic. My positive attitude has helped me through many tough times in life. Optimism helps me be resilient in the face of adversity, find the lessons in every failure, expect the best, and have hope for the…


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